Worldwide Export

Antoniodeluca® Farms is specializing in the export of tropical plants, citrus varieties, palm and specimen trees from South Florida. We have been in the business of palms, cycads, cactus, bonsai, indoor and outdoor plant export for 35 years. We locate high quality material for worldwide clients.

Container & Field Grown

We can match most specifications for palms, cycads, cactus, bonsai, indoor and outdoor plant,tropical foliage which will definitely meet your needs. In partnership with South Florida nurseries, we are able to locate and select quality palms, trees and tropical foliage.

Landscape & Design

Antoniodeluca® Farms offers high-end luxury landscape and design for real estate developers, hotels, government buildings, private residences, and more. Our goal is to design the perfect landscape for your building or home.

Rare Palms & Trees

Antoniodeluca® Farms offers also professional plant brokers, researching, sourcing and obtaining plants from top south Florida nurseries of all varieties right down to rarities for clients globally. We also provide consulting for logistics, handling and more.

Unique Tropical Plants & Trees

Great collection of unique tropical plant and trees to choose from, Hundred Species and varieties certified for export all over the world.

``Since 1870 the De Luca family has taken a special pride in producing and marketing, around the world the finest ornamental plants for interior and landscaping uses!``

Augusto Deluca, CEO Delucafarms Inc

Established in the U.S.A since 1986, we have been able to offer Florida plants to buyers across the European continent, shipping overseas hundreds of refrigerated 40’ containers of premium quality plants, as Palms, Cycads, Trees and rare plants in size ranging from 3 gallon to 500 gallon specimens. Antoniodeluca Farms Inc. is a grower and distributor in South Florida, which includes 250 acres of nursery, owned by affiliated contract grower company, that supply the United States, Canada and The Caribbean Islands. We also provide a brokerage service, offering a large monthly inventory which includes more the 30,000 plants from over 1,100 different growers.

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